I have recently watched this documentary movie called Earthlings.
I think it is a very strong movie promoting equality and respect among living beings on earth.
Totally recommend this movie. Many people became vegans just by watching it.

Earthlings is a must-have movie for any animal rights library and to share with friends and family.

“We are all earthlings” - this is the idea that will lead to worldwide peace.

Here is the Opening Sequence of the movie Earthlings from youtube:

Andy, is cruel treatment of animals shown? I cant bear to watch such stuff. One reason i refuse to look at PETA magazines. Stuff like this never leaves my mind and I can obssess over it and feel a very deep grief. It can also keep me awake at night.

Yes, Earthlings shows cruelty to animals. I only managed to watch the first 20 minutes or so and became really upset and switched it off. I do think, however, that we owe it to the animals to watch their plight and learn from it so I wil try and watch it all soon.


I still cannot watch this stuff, ever. Just knowing about it is enough for me, and that is tragic enough, though, of course, it is important to know about it.

I wanna see it soo bad

Watching this made continuing to live as a vegetarian an impossibility for me. So count me as one of the people made vegan by this doc. :slight_smile:


This movie was mentioned to me just recently. I recalled seeing it as a post here so it has prompted me to reply.
A guy I know who normally prides himself with being cool headed and strong willed got so upset at this that he was hitting the side of his computer. For him to do that means it must have been very distressing to him and having a very strong impact. I know a few other people who tried to watch it and could not cope and had to stop.
It is worth listening to the entire thing – even if you have to ensure you do not watch the picture for your own well being as such.

i watched the full length version on Utube… it broke my heart and was the deciding factor for me to turn towards veganism…

here is a link for the full length version of Earthlings…



This link is not working, how ever planning to watch it