Dry skin treatment

Looking for organic serum/creme based on essential oils and vitamins for dry skin.I’ve tried lots of serums, but I had some allergic reactions to them.So now I’m searching for 100% organic product.Thank you in advance for your recommendations))

Hey, I would suggest one of Virginic products, their products are 100% natural and cruelty-free. Maybe, this one will help you - virginic.com/collections/serums … face-serum
I am using it for a while and it helps a lot :flower: By the way, they seem to have a discount right now, so if you want to buy - don’t miss it :smiley:

OMG, yes! I’ve also used Virginic products and can second this recommendation! I haven’t tried the face serum in particular I got jojoba oil but it helped with my dry skin and hair. If you want a vegan/cruelty free product check out their products. I didn’t know they have a sale now, I need to re-stock my items then :wink:

I use Lanolin Oil for hair treatment. I’ve been done a permanent wave a few weeks ago and now experienceing the aftermath of overheating. It helps me to have my hair hydrated during the day and not to look like a blowball.

You can try Poppy Austin vitamin C serum or Eve Hansen Retinol Serum (Vitamin A, Vitamin E). Hyaluronic Acid Face Serum is also good. It has Vitamin C and E, Green Tea, Jojoba Oil. :slight_smile:

Try coconut oil, it is safe and effective to rejuvenate the dry skin, just like petroleum jelly. Or add oatmeal powder to a bath, it may help to relieve dry skin.

Hello Emilia!
When you say your sin has become dry, do you mean it’s lacking oil?

If you skin is lacking in oil, you will want to use more creamy cleansers that are less foaming. You will also want to switch to a richer, more emollient moisturizer. Both of these recommendations apply whether it’s fr your face or you body that can help. Another way to treat the skin of your body that lacks oil is to use a dry oil spray. It’s a very lightweight spray you spritz on after you shower.