don't tell me what to do.

If you want to be vegetarian, that’s fine. But, don’t tell me what to do.

Imagine saying to someone, If you don’t want to beat your dog, that’s fine. But, don’t tell me not to beat mine.

While we are entitled to believe what we like, we are not entitled to treat those weaker than us however we like. If we are responsible for harming others, people have every right to ask that we stop.

Quote by Eugene Khutoryansky

Who’s telling you what to do? :astonished: There is a vast difference between promoting veganism and vegetarianism, and telling you what to do.

It is important that people are aware of the conditions in the farming and food processing industries, and the health issues surrounding eating meat. I also think it is important that people, especially people who love animals, explore the moral aspects of vegetarianism. I would probably have become vegan much earlier on in life if I had known these things, and I firmly believe that a lot of people would make the same decision if they had the facts in front of them.

But I have never met a vegetarian or vegan who presumed to tell anyone what to eat. They may suggest that you think about what you eat, and why. We may find that eating meat becomes less socially acceptable with time, in much the same way smoking has, but that depends on what the majority of people decide is right.

vegetarian in a way means person who doesn’t want to kill anyone or to bring suffering.

So what you are saying is: If you don’t want to kill fine, but don’t tell me what to do.

Nobody is telling you what to do, trefeda. It is up to you to make decisions in your life. I think that most vegetarians and vegans that you will run into will only be trying to educate you to better help animals, yourself, and the planet. I cannot speak for all vegans, but I know that I only get into my “preachy mode” when I am confronted, especially in a rude manner. I don’t push my views on anyone, and I do not even discuss my lifestyle choice unless asked. Please remember that it is hard for some vegetarians and vegans to stand by watching others eat steak and the like when they know the abuse that goes on and how meat damages health. While people are trying to make a change in the world, they are not forcing you to stop eating meat. They expect you to realize that it is time for a change on your own. Also, as everyone else has said, is it fair to say “if you do not want to murder, that’s fine, but don’t tell me what to do”? Murder is murder.

Talk to the person who is specifically telling you, “Become a vegetarian.”

Otherwise, leave the forum/conversation/movie.

That being said, thank you for acknowledging my right to be vegetarian, I’m glad to hear you won’t try to go against our values :slight_smile:

I choose to be vegan, not vegetarian. And the reasons would be more than you could possibly understand with the attitude that you have. So here’s what I’m going to tell you to do:

Eat meat and dairy products, plenty of them. Enjoy them for as long as you live. You will develop cancer and heart disease while supporting an industry that tortures animals. Then top it all off with alcohol and tobacco. You don’t want to deprive yourself of these pleasures do you? Of course not. They will accelerate your diseases to the point that your life span will be reduced by at least 20 years. While you’re sucking off the Medicare teat and costing the rest of us huge amounts of money, we vegans will be enjoying a rich healthy life free from disease.

But who am I to tell you what to do?

Eventhough you seem so angry at her… you seem so concerned… That’s what’s nice of being a vegan… I salute you for that :wink: