Donkey Paradise -documentary

Hi! I Hope it’s alright to post under this section.I am turning to the vegan community since I’m a vegan myself, most of our team members are vegans/vegetarians and the place where we are filming lives a vegan lifestyle.

So, long story short: we are working on a documentary film Donkey Paradise and the documentary is about a small donkey sanctuary in North Spain, which is operated by Marleen and the great help of volunteers. The sanctuary takes care of abandoned and mistreated donkeys that live their lives last moments at the sanctuary in a safe and warm environment.

This is the part where we need your help. The film is not ready yet and we still need funding to shoot more material and finish it. In able to do this, we have launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo to fund the finishing of the film. There you can read more about the story, about the team and view our demo film, which was edited from the material already filmed. In exchange for your help, we offer good perks such as your name at the ending credits, the right to view the film when it is ready or the title of Executive Producer depending on the amount you choose to support the film. Even the smallest amount counts.

The documentary presents one story that can be tied to a larger picture. In our society animal rights are often being forgotten and people living in cities are losing connection to animals, other than common pet animals. The interest towards animals is still the same and many have started to work in promoting and bringing animal right questions in front of the larger audience. Animal sanctuaries and rescue homes are in a crucial and concrete role. We, as documentary makers, aim to help to raise awareness in issues concerning our relationships with animals and working animals by presenting a touching and beautiful story in a cinematic way of one change-making place.

Here’s the link to the campaign page: … umentary#/

We also have a page on Facebook:

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Michelle Orenius

Thank you! :heart: Lots of hugs!