Don’t Neglect the Small Stuff

Although already discussed, probably the best way to do the most good for almost no expenditure of your time is to prioritize the little things like wearing pro vegan T-shirts, putting bumper stickers on your car, and carrying literature with you to distribute. The importance of displaying buttons, T-shirts, and bumper stickers can’t be overstated: People will see those things, especially if your button invites them to talk to you. For instance, I have six “Ask Me Why I’m Vegan” T-shirts and a box of the buttons. I wear them everywhere, and people really do ask, spurring conversation after conversation on planes, in the metro, and everywhere else. And even for people who don’t ask, they have to think about whether they want to ask, which is also good because they will think about why they’re not vegan and why you might be vegan. Each time someone who would not otherwise have thought about this issue thinks about it, that’s a little victory for animals.