Does vegan leather give the wrong impression to non vegans?

Ok so I’ve been going back in forth about this question. I really wanna buy a purse from a etsy shop/seller kittycoutureboutique. The bags are vegan leather but look very much like real leather if that giving the wrong impression to someone who does not know I am vegan and the bag is not made of animal that wearing leather is ok? I stopped wearing leather about 5 years ago for ethical reason and have not found an alternative since but what do you guy think?

I see no problem with it, really. Don’t care about what others think. If you know the purse is plethora or PVC, that’s enough. There’s a band called London After Midnight; the lead vocalist wears a tons of PVC and he’s vegan. Looks mighty fine In it , I might add :smiley:

As Veganism is getting more and more popular, there is always going to be criticism. As far as the Vegan Leather, vegans are just being resourceful about a product that is useful. I would think that non-vegan leather lovers, would be interested in seeing what the vegan leather is all about. why criticize when its all about quality and the look.


Seems like a non issue to me…more of an issue to you and it shouldn’t be.
Being vegan…or for that matter…being a good soul is about your honorable intentions…not what others necessarily think about them…kinda like…how people treat you is their karma; how you react is yours!

For me it seems ok. Anyway people would not even think, care or have any impression unless you went on telling them than not using leather is vegan in this is plastic leather.
I like hemp and fabric bags.

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If people don’t know you are vegan you wouldn’t be giving them the wrong impression because, not knowing you, they have nothing to base their impressions of you on. Also, if you are wearing something or carrying a bag made of fake leather and someone likes it enough to comment on it, it is a great opportunity to bring up the fact that it is not real leather and you can let them know where you got it from.

I think so. I had a jacket with a fake fur hood and I took it off because I don’t want to promote fur as a fashion statement.