Does Anyone Even Like Foxes Anymore?

Foxes used to be seen as an essential part of British wildlife culture… now they’re just massive rats.

What the hell? Remember when we were all on the fox’s side? Back before fox hunting was banned, we all loved them. Now that’s been banned, and they’re a more prominent sight in urban circles, they’re seen as pests.

What do you all think? What happened?

I don’t know the situation in UK, can you please tell us more?

I rarely see foxes in the woods when I’m…walking. When I do, I really enjoy it. We have red and Gray foxes in these parts. I had one literally guide me to my…Bridwatching stand. He was never less than 10 feet in front of me then hopped up on a log and watched me for a bit before a mouse caught his attention. The kits are absolutely adorable.