Does any of this really make sense?

I saw this you tube video and it really made me wonder if my views were correct. They make it sound so different. Am I really wrong for being vegan?

I would like to post a link to the video, but I get a prompt telling me that I am trying to advertise a web site. Can anyone tell me how to post a link to a You tube video?

I’ve come to realize that most people on the internet are liars. If you are getting your information from youtube videos, I suggest you find a better source.

As far as current medical science is concerned it is perfectly healthy to live on a 100% plant based diet. And, a vegan lifestyle has a lower impact on the environment than one centered on eating animals. Those are facts that can be verified from reliable sources.

I don’t know what that video said, but I do know that it is obviously biased toward the animal use industry for some reason.

If you are happy with you are doing, then you’re right… It is also right because having vegan diet is the healthiest diet one can have… If being vegan can hurt other or can affect others negatively then that will be the time that being vegan is wrong…

Since you can’t post the link, how are we to know which video you speak of?

Chances are it is a fraud anyway. There are no sound reasons to not eat a vegan diet, other than personal choice and preference. The meat industry has been lying to us for a hundred years about our need to eat animal-based foods.