Do you care about non-human animals?

If your answer is “yes”, then we really want to hear more from you!
Please answer our online survey “Ethics and Animals”, it should only take you about 5 minutes.

Just pick a link!

And please feel free to forward this invitation to any friends who may also want to participate!

Thanks so much!
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thank you for the link…and they are in different languages too! cool…


Just to let you people know, the survey “Ethics and Animals” will only be open until next Monday, July 13.

If you took it and found it interesting, please mention it to your friends!

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ethiQUEST Surveys

I do care about non-human animals! Thanks for sharing this link, it is very interesting to learn much more about this.
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I do care for non-human animals. They still are animals and should be treated as animals even though they are non-human. I have failed to visit the site :frowning: because it has been deactivated.