Do i need to be fully vegan or can i stray from time to time

My boyfriend has a serious kidney illness and since we live together i plan to support him any way i can. Due to his condition he can not eat most of proteins having a huge 420 colesterol and was advised to start a vegan diet until his situation improves .I do all the cooking and he can not have the slightest intake of sodium or salt also, and he has been on a no sodium diet for 8 months now, so far even that has been difficult for me, i cannot buy any kind of ready food and i have to prepare all the food myself but this new challenge overwhelmes me in so many ways and the worst is that i cant get used to eating this way, myself. I read that it takes more than 30 consecutive days until your body changes and starts to appreciate the new way of eating. Is it so ? Can i stray from time to time or that would only do more harm to my taste buds ? I would be really happy to know that during the week i eat vegan food but in the weekends i can still have an egg or a grilled chicken . But maybe its like quitting smocking, once you smoke one cigarette again after quitting, you can not stop to smoke the second and so on. I can handle his diet, mine is a whole diffrent matter . Have you ever been in this situation. Is it possible to be part vegan ?
Thank you.

I think it’s better to keep vegan so your organism will adapt, you can try to add to your plate salt or soy sauce to make your dishes tastier (I understand you don’t have that no sodium condition).

Yeah I think you should do some research on more reasons to be vegan like industrial farming and check out the book the china study, to find other ways to convince yourslef this is the best and healthiest choice you can be making right now and that it doesn’t make sense to eat animal based protein products when we have vegetables imported from all around the world in our local grocery stores that will provide you with not only the same but better nutrients. Also i suggest you make easy weekly meal plans so you know how much you have to buy and orgainze what you have to prep for the week so you don’t have to do as much cooking during the week. Every sunday I grocery shop according to a meal plan and prep all my foods for the week so everything is either grab and go, or just something I have to season and throw in the oven. Remember too that food and taste doesn’t matter, its the time you spend with family and friends that does, and with your boyfriends condition, you never know how much time you have left.

Stay strong and eat green girl. You won’t regret it.

I can handle his diet, mine is a whole diffrent matter . Have you ever been in this situation. Is it possible to be part vegan ?

I don’t think so, I think you’re either all in or your all out because you really couldn’t call yourself a vegan if you were consuming or using any animal products. If you just ate fish, eggs, and dairy you could call yourself a vegetarian though.