Diet sodas: Good or bad?

Diet sodas: Good or bad?

Are diet sodas and these crazy ingredients unhealthy? Should I avoid them completely?

Read the ingredient list. Do you know what all those words mean? Do you want them in your body? Sometimes mineral water with a splash of juice is a nice alternative, still bubbly :slight_smile:

:bounce: Actually diet sodas are not bad for health but one should take it after knowing it’s quality and price. Nowadays most of the companies are providing soda in to market on less price. I think those can be very dangerous because they are mixing some chemicals in soda, to make it eye catchup. So everyone should careful about that.

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Drinking diet soda is not good for health,Many people think that diet soda is is good for health but it causes obesity.Diet soda contain some chemical substances which causes headache,high blood pressure.

The answer is a resounding yes and for a number of reasons:

  1. Sodas bad for your teeth - although diet sodas contain far less sugar than regular sodas and are mostly made up of artificial sweeteners, they’re still highly acidic and may damage your teeth in the long run.

  2. Diet soda can make you gain weight - even though diet drinks contain less calories than the original beverage, it that they’re really that good. They might still be rich in calories. In addition, there’s nothing like sweetened drinks to help you develop a craving for other sweet food, which means more calories.

  3. Drinking diet sodas makes you drink less of more healthy beverages like water, green tea, or natural juices. You’re missing out on the good things and sticking to the bad.

  4. Drinking unhealthy drinks often makes you crave to snack. I often see people who drink bad stuff munch away on pretzels or other quick snacks which just stuff them with calories.

  5. Aspartame, which is the sweetener which is often used to flavor diet sodas is the subject of much debate. There is research that links it to tumors in animals. It is currently deemed safe by the FDA, but there are numerous side effects concerning this chemical.

Remember, drinking can harm your diets even more than eating, because drinking doesn’t really make you any less hungry. All in all, diet sodas can be bad for you and they don’t contribute anything that’s for sure.

it’s the artificial sweeteners are bad for you-many of them have been shown to cause diseases like cancer in tests. sure, they are safe in small amounts, but most Americans who drink soda, diet or otherwise, don’t drink small amounts. a small amount of soda would be a 12 oz can a week-as a “treat”. ultimately, the artificial sweeteners are “chemicals” . . .that alone is enough to make me pass on soda.

A lot of people will say, okay, what about Splenda, it’s made from sugar, right? Technically, Splenda " is the trade name for sucralose, a synthetic compound stumbled upon in 1976 by scientists in Britain seeking a new pesticide formulation. It is true that the Splenda molecule is comprised of sucrose (sugar) — except that three of the hydroxyl groups in the molecule have been replaced by three chlorine atoms." Now, chlorine molecules aren’t necessarily toxic to humans (depending on their stucture) but really, do you want to find out what 10 years down the road of constant use will bring?

You’re much better of using real sugar in small amounts, not white sugar, but raw brown sugar, or even real maple syrup. You CAN factor these in to your daily calorie allotments and actually be more satisfied than when using substitutes.

There are so many chemicals in soda. Although, it doesn’t do a lot of damage with one diet soda can, most people drink 2, 3 or 4 a day, and then others with the Big Gulp Style cups. Because it is diet, people just think diet soda is actually healthy. When your not used to drinking soda, then take a slug, the sugar content just shocks my body. That can’t be good…


they contain artificial sweeteners which are harmful. they are also acidic and can harm your teeth.

I wouldn’t drink any of the diet sodas- they all taste pretty bad to me. If you really just want something carbonated you could try flavored sparkling waters or carbonated juices. If you brushed your teeth right away or at least rinsed your mouth out with water you should probably be able to have regular soda every once in awhile.