Dental problems

Being a vegan I always believed that we have lesser chances of getting oral problems and I never had to go to a dentist concerning my oral health, till date. Now, my 8 year DD has got a cavity issue and I wonder how? She is also a vegan and she knows how to take care of her oral health, and that’s how I brought her up. We have an appointment next week at Mount Royal Dental Clinic, Burlington, and I hope that it’s not serious.

Without knowing exactly what your child eats, it’s tough to make an assessment.

I knew a woman many years ago who was “vegan”, but lived primarily on potato chips, soda pop, pastries and coffee. She was not healthy.

That said, there is much more to health than just diet. You might want to ask the people at

I’m a vegan. Occasionally, I like to drink soda pops too; but when I do, I choose Zevia. Zevia pops are naturally sweetened and are certified by NON-GMO Project.

Check out:

Judging by my son and by other children I know.
At school children will eat all kind of junk food that they don’t eat at home like candies, cookies etc.
Usually some friends will share with them.

Also acidic foods softens the teeth enamel even the whole plant foods like oranges etc.
So it’s recommended to rinse the mouth after eating lots of acidic fruits.

An unbalanced vegan diet can be poor in calcium.
Here are some whole vegan products rich in calcium. You can isolate only the category of foods you need with the top menu.

Dental problem does not causes to non-vegetarian or only to vegan. If you take proper care of your teeth from the childhood, you will have less dental problems. Never forget to brush at least twice a day.