degestive problems

So going on vegan 7 months now still new in it but I seems my body still hasn’t adjusted I’ve been having bad digestive problems a lot when I eat and I’m edating a pretty wide variety of food for optimal health…anyone know what it might be? Or good all natural remedies?

What kind of digestive problems?

indegestion but i started using a lilttle apple cider vinegar with meals and that sometimes helps but if not that it feels more like lower intestinal pain and get really baloated and nausea.

Well, what kinds of things are you eating. You might be including something you have a mild allergy to.

Actually I think I got it dialed down to beans and when I have to much fiber at one time…but I’ve tried beano but it doesn’t. Really help …any other good protien sources that I’m missing besides tofu, tempeh, and legumes?

I -think- seitan provides a decent amount of protein, possibly tvp. I’d do some research though. Most protein replacements involve beans.

Greens have protein as well. Most of us get more protein than we need. A good book that gives a lot of information about that is Dr. Joel Fuhrman’s book Eat to Live.