Defining Terms

Hey everyone, first time poster here!
I’ve seen alot of words being thrown around here, mostly harmlessly but heck why not clear it up.
Specifically I’m talking about the use of the words: Omivore and Carnivore in referrence to non-vegetarians or vegans.
As for Omivore, technically there’s nothing wrong with its use here however, the word has conentations which are generally associated with the non-human animal kingdom. For this reason the word is not often used to describe the ‘average’ diet in the broader community. So although there’s nothing wrong as such with using the word, it’s generally not used in the context of people.

As for the word carnivore though, I find that in most of the places that it is used here it is used in the wrong way.
Carnivore stems from the Latin word meaning ‘meat eater’ carne meaning flesh and vorare meaning ‘to devour’. However this word in modern use applies only to creatures which eat exclusively meat and as such should not be applied in relation to people who eat the aforementioned ‘average’ diet. Carnivore also has viscious, predatory undertones which are not alltogether relaivant or respectful to attach to fellow human beings.

It’s no big deal really but hey, may as well get the little things right :slight_smile:

I see more non-veggies (vegan or vegetarian) use the term ‘carnivore’ to define themselves more than anyone in the community. Even the other day on Facebook one of my friend’s liked a group called “I love being a carnivore” which is ridiculous. None of them are carnivores! At least I hope not, they would be in some rough shape nutritionally, haha.

I have no problem with the term omni/omnivore. I see it as a normal or average diet. I don’t say it in a way of looking down on anyone, or viewing them in an animalistic way.

Also, I think it’s super cute when people in the community call themselves herbivores. :stuck_out_tongue:

Haha, that’s a pretty funny story about the facebook thing :slight_smile:

I honestly doubt that the majority of the people here use any of the ‘vores’ in any kind of mean way, well at least not intentionally. But it always pays to think about the ways that others could interpret something like using those words.

As for calling people herbivores I guess that it’s no wonder that it’s seen as a positive or ‘cute’ thing here considering that well… it is a vegan forum haha :slight_smile:

Adam, what word do you propose for us to use instead of carnivore? :slight_smile:

A Milk-Cheese-Yogurt-Egg-Flesh-Gelatin-Inclusive diet? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I haven’t really thought about that! :slight_smile: I usually say a non-vegan diet, or a meat-eating diet.

I suppose this is a little umm… backwards maybe? And a result of the upbringing to not use words that make animals sound like animals when you’re eating them… i.e.; pork as pig, beef as cow, etc. Dissociative words, BUT

it really gives me jitters when people say “flesh-eaters” or “eating-flesh” or a “flesh-diet”. I suppose that’s what it is but… :confused:

I also use those term but I am more on using non vegan diet…

I don’t want to use those term as if those people are eating them alive… grrrr

For ease of conversation, I see nothing wrong with these terms.

Yeah, flesh sounds chilling but I do use it as a lot of people still labor under the misconception that vegetarians eat chicken and fish. Grrrrrrr.

lol… people can use words whenever or wherever they want to just be careful on hurting others’ feelings… :wink:

Actually words have meanings, so although people ‘can’ use them whenever they want they’d be wrong in using them.
When referring to non vegans you are generally referring to omnivores. :cyclopsani:

What is wrong with using the word omnivore? We are omnivores; it’s a dietary classification for animals… and we are animals FYI. :stuck_out_tongue:

“So although there’s nothing wrong with using the word, it’s generally not used in the context of people.”

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Please read the post you quote next time.

The 1st response to a google search “define omnivore”:

An animal or person that eats food of both plant and animal origin.

You may not like it, but omnivore is commonly used to describe people.