Deceptive "cruelty free " product labels

e careful of deception when shopping for cruelty free products. Ive been advised by the “Choose Cruelty Free” organisation Australia that any company can state on their packaging that they dont test on animals regardless if its true or not. There is no law against it. I know…pathetic isnt it?!!
Only way to be 100% sure is to buy from companies endorsed by CCF as they are completely thorough and strict with who they allow on their list. They told me that even PETAs list is not reliable as they are very lax with verifying the companies on their list are indeed cruelty free (including suppliers, ingredients etc) In saying this its still better to choose from PETAs list than no list at all. Im not aware of the endorsement procedures of other cruelty free lists but you may want to check ones you are using to ensure their process is up to scratch.
I shop strictly from the CCF list now. It narrows down selection a lot but ld rather have less selection and be sure lm not hurting our furry friends.
Heres the CCF list. Download the app or ask them to send you their printed list. You can contact them with queries about any products. They are so keen to help consumers trying to do the right thing.

Thanx for the heads up, Sue1975. I am going to show my wife this link. She’d be very interested in it, I’m sure.