decent silken tofu in nyc, anyone?

who knows good places to get artisan hi quality silken tofu in nyc?

thanks a lot!

and in change, here’s what i need it for:
a healthiest easiest antioxidant-boost pie

just silken tofu and dates and pumpkin!
(gonna bake it myself, stayin away from everything canned)

basically, from dr greger’s web site:
400-500 g of baked pumpkin (originally, 1 can)
280-300 g silken tofu (1 pack)
20-25 dates
powered ginger, cinnamon, cloves and allspice, nutmeg as much as you can have

350F for 30 minutes

and that’s it! although might be covered with a cream, such as tofu and lemon and dates or soy vanilla yogurt