I have an eye issue called C.M.E. It’s an inflammation of my macular that allows fluid into my eye which results in blurred vision. I have been to the specialist many times, taking eye drops to relieve the symptoms. But the underlying cause is a mystery. I began a vegan lifestyle four months ago. Lost over thirty five pounds which has easily stayed off. But the eye issue is not resolved. Just looking for anyone else who may have had this issue as well. Thanks

Did you have this problem before becoming vegan?
Are you saying that non of the risk factors apply to your case?

A quote from : … physiology
“A variety of risk factors may disrupt the normal interactions affecting the retinal environment. There is an intrinsic balance amongst the osmotic force, hydrostatic force, capillary permeability, and tissue compliance that occur within the vasculature [3][4]. Specifically, the capillary filtration rate should equal the rate of fluid removal from extracellular retinal tissue, such as glial and RPE cells. Once these forces are disrupted an imbalance occurs and accumulation of fluid is seen in cystoid spaces within the inner layers of the retina, most commonly the outer plexiform layer (OPL). The OPL is more prone to fluid collection due to the watershed area that exists between the retinal and choroidal circulation, especially within the central retina due to its anatomical avascular zone”