I am working on a new community that hopes to promote plant-based diets in conjunction with cycling. My site is located at and though specific in those otherwise unrelated areas, I think they complement each other very well and bring attention to veganism through successful athletes. I’ve been surprised how many vegans actually ride their bikes for similar reasons for assuming a vegan diet, including reducing environmental impacts and improving health.

Another site doing something similar that I would recommend is Organic Athlete at I have no affiliation with them, but their mission seems quite attractive.

So the larger question I asked which led me to the above conclusion: What activities can be related to veganism (or plant-based diets) which attract people to the benefits of this healthy lifestyle? Cycling made that connection for me. I’m sure there are plenty others that are important to people. The key arguably is that non-vegetarians need to feel safe and can enjoy a vegan diet in a world–and huge marketing dollars–that tells us that meat is essential.

I didn’t check but did you add your site to vegan web links directory?
If you didn’t, you can do it here:

Regarding your question… For me the conection was Martial Arts. :slight_smile:
I became vegetarian after I started to practice them.
And I continue to practice them till now.

My brother, Sergio, was once really obsesed by cycling…
But he is busy now with his newborn son. :binky: So he will not appear soon on the forum. :lovestory:


I posted this link in our Prime Talk forum. Thanks!

You are welcome! :slight_smile: