Cultivating Expression

Cultivating Expression

First let us take a look at the word expression. It is the act of expressing, conveying, or representing in words, art, music, or movement; a manifestation. Now there are any number of things we express and a variety of ways in which to express them. Whether we express anger, love, strife, compassion, even the abstract subjective realities of our own minds, all in all it remains expression. Can expression be a lie and if so when and how does it become one? Consider that you vocalize anger to a person you say you love, is the anger a lie or is the love a lie? Let us not call it a lie however, let us instead call it a compulsion of naivety. We are navely blinded to our true nature for we have invented a mask that caters to the ego, the idea of self. As though we were in some way cut off from the emotions of others and are separate entities. A subtle sound, movement escapes our mouths or causes our limbs to move in a violent manner seeking to strike those around us. We have just expressed ourselves in discord with the true nature of being. This is not a question of morality. When a boulder falls from a cliff and plummets to the valley below it is not out of anger, it is simply following the law of gravity, it is not in discord with nature; it does not wish any ill will to the valley. Why? Because rocks dont have egos. Rocks do not think of self preservation/destruction for there is no self to preserve/destroy. Whether you are a Christian, Hindu, Buddhist, Muslim, Atheist, Conservative, Liberal, Drug Addict, Homebody, Extrovert, Introvert, we are all subject to reconciliation with the order/law of nature. For when a movement/expression is done in opposition to this law, to feed some sense of individual satisfaction, that individual is violated/ in discord with him/herself. There are no absolutes but we ought to recognize or evaluate these scenarios. For instance - a man who hits his child because the child has disobeyed him may very well be right in doing so if the slap is for the benefit of discipline and does not in some way satisfy his authoritarian status. However, this is where the gray areas begin to peer in to the law of nature. Such primitive forms of expression may well not be a product of ego/self but ironically it is the true self which is violated and this is why violence is so damaging. Cross words, outbursts of anger only breed hatred and insecurity and are no less a damaging expression then that of striking somebody. Now if two boxers go at it, knowingly hitting each other for the sake of sport, well then that is the beauty of how to express aggression in a healthy/natural manner.

So how do we begin to express ourselves in accord with nature? Let us look at humor. Humor throughout human history has often been the bridge between two opposing forces. Often times we laugh because there are two in opposition, say like the Abbott and Costello routine of Whos on first?. Yes of course it was more rooted in confusion about just who was on first but what difference is there really between opposition and confusion? In fact, this is the nature of humor and yet we all seem to have an uncanny ability to tap into that understanding. Because we have all experienced opposition like that of Raymonds wife yelling at him in What about Raymond and the confusion/chaos it breeds. We often laugh at imbalance and that is a healthy thing, it helps us bridge that which is out of our control with that which is; laughter, though we dont really control that either. From here commonality is found and we agree that something is funny or not funny. Now there are many varieties of a sense of humor. Some are more attracted to dry wit and sarcasm others to silliness and slapstick, some to all forms of humor. However even if we do disagree on what we deem to be funny, in the end most all agree that we enjoy laughing. But a soul that can not laugh is in opposition with him/herself. This is not a judgment but a philosophical understanding. Neither is it a reality in human existence, for we were all once children and we did all once laugh.

I use the word cultivating as the heading of these observations, actually we are not searching for a way to cause expression to grow in a natural/healthy manner, we ought not think that way. No, we are on an expedition of remembrance. Recalling what we have forgotten, which is how to be happy in a world of seemingly endless conflict. This is not to say we should not mourn the loss of innocence but let us be certain that our mourning is not a product of self righteousness as that will only cause you to point fingers at others and ultimately yourself. No one will laugh with you if you tell them to do so. They may laugh at you though, so in the end it all works out. There are short ones and long ones. The short ones scoff at the long ones and the long ones laugh at the short ones, each retaining their purpose and dignity for indignity is only a lie of the ego/false self in this scenario and in laughing at it/ego you have done that person a service. The summation of all human suffering which stifles our expedition for natural expression is the ego. The idea that you are in fact you. You are you, but not the you, you think yourself to be. For when you think of yourself that is just a thought and thoughts human beings are not as Yoda might phrase it. This has all been said before but Ill put it into form here as well. Are you your finger? If your finger were cut off would you still be you? Are you that face you see in the mirror? If it were scorched in some horrible accident would you not still be you? Who are you then and how can you express yourself naturally until you first honestly view who you are? You are not the joke, you are the laughter. You are not the tears, you are the sorrow. You are not the flutter in your heart, you are the joy that causes it. You are not these emotions you are the one that brings them about, you are the observer, the one that experiences, the one who expresses. Let us not be fooled by our thoughts. You are not separate, we all laugh, we all cry, we all observe and experience.

Now let us go further down the rabbit hole and explore expression. Why do we express ourselves? Why am I at this moment typing this? In the hope that someone may read it? Yes. In the hope that someone may agree with/critique/analyze it? Maybe, its always good to find a friend. But above these I write for the same reason I play my guitar, it is a creative expression for the sake of communicating with the world which is seemingly apart from myself. The first human expression recorded was that of cavemen drawing on the rocks which sheltered them. For what purpose? One, to express what they observed, often deer and various animals. Two, to communicate to other humans who might pass that way as well. Today there is far too much ego driven competitiveness for any natural expression to occur, in the end its all relative expression because we all retain that one innate, infinite, infantile, innocent, pure truth which is that of the natural observer. Today we may look at those same cave drawings and equate them to the talent of a two year old, whereas those who lived then may have viewed them as masterpieces/the beginning of true expression and communication. Both views would be valid but relative all the same. Every being has the right to retain or discard what they like or disagree with but will such trivial choices even be remembered the day youre on your death bed? Will you recall reading this silly conglomeration of words Ive composed for you? Maybe, if you found in someway it connected with you. So that may well be the natural form of expression, not to express, but to connect. Bark at the moon if you will, its your right and privilege and can be quite fun, just dont hope for any answers said the monkey putting the fish up the tree. :smiley:

Happy Holidays! er…yeah (not too sure how to be PC)