Cruise Ships Worse For Environment Than Planes

Cruise Ships Worse For Environment Than Planes
Cruise ships emit three times more CO2 than airplanes, reports the Telegraph. In its annual report, Carnival, which comprises 11 cruise lines, said it emits 401 grams of CO2 per passenger, which this article claims is 36 times greater than the per passenger emission of Eurostar and more than three times that for a Boeing 747 passenger. The Passenger Shipping Association said that a ferry, on average, releases 120 grams of CO2 per passenger.
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Good thing I haven’t tried to ride a ship… emitting C02 that much?.. People should start using plane rather than ships…

Meh, ships can carry so much more cargo than planes so nothing is going to change.

But trying to lessen the use of it will somehow help, don’t you think?

It’s all relative my friend.

Who will it help?

Will it help Barry the manual laborer who’s trying to cling onto his job at the harbor if the entire shipping industry gets scaled down?

There are bigger pictures and smaller pictures and it’s impossible to say which is more important.

Ergo, just roll with the punches and let the boats float by.

I have to say here that excessive CO2 emissions would occur no matter what —> pulling ships equals even more aircrafts in the air in order to carry the cargo of these ships —> just as must CO2 in the long run.

Solar Power

Too expensive.