Crispy yummy fried tofu Tofu Steak or bite size cubed Nugget


1 block Extra Firm Tofu

2 T cornstarch

2 T garbanzo flour (or use flour)

2 T broth powder*

2 T nutritional Yeast

Oil for frying


Slice Tofu in 1/2 inch, bread size fillets for steaks or sandwiches. or
1 inch cubes for stir fry or snack size nugget pieces.

Heat tofu for 45 seconds in the microwave. (optional)

Mix all dry ingredients.

Coat liberally all sides of tofu with dry ingredients.

Heat oil over medium hot. Fry all sides of tofu until lightly browned.

Sprinkle with mixture of garlic salt and nutritional yeast.

Eat right away! or good cold too!

You can just use a flour/cornstarch mixture then sprinkle with seasoned salt, or topping of choice after it’s fried!