could this be bad?

I work 8 hours a day… (get up at 5 am get home at 3pm)
… then i go out and don’t get in ti’ll like 1… and I don’t really eat a lot b/c I am tired and the lunch break at work is only 20 mins.
could this be bad for my health?
because I am starting to feel like shi**… a few nights ago i had a panic attack.
is that my body trying to tell me to slow down or something?

OK, I’m no medical expert, these are just a few thoughts. (Quite a few! :laughing: ) But I think this could be bad. A healthy body should not feel like sh** and have panic attacks!

That’s the absolute minimum allowed in the UK (in line with EU legislation) for workers over 18, and is illegal for younger workers. All the employers I’ve ever worked for (including the crappy ones!) give you at least half an hour for lunch, plus coffee breaks if you work standing up, or use a computer. And I’ve seen some magazine articles recently that advocate an hour’s lunch break, spent away from your desk or workplace. Your employer cannot expect to get the best out of its employees (or retain them!) with such poor work practises. Ever thought about joining a trade union? :wink:

Are you having difficulty sleeping, or just staying out late with friends? Some people experience tiredness and an inability to sleep from vitamin deficiencies, including B12. If you don’t eat much, you might be missing an essential nutrient. And vegans are encouraged to take B12 supplements anyway.

If you have a starchy evening meal (like veggie stew, or spaghetti), it might help you relax and sleep better. If you have a low appetite, it might not hurt to eat some higher calorie health foods during the day, like nuts, raisins, salads made with an oil dressing and/or avocado…

Panic attacks are usually associated with stress or anxiety - do you enjoy living like this? IIRC, the advice for panic attacks used to be avoiding caffeine and alcohol, and getting exercise (to use up some of those stress hormones!) Slowing down and getting some sleep would undoubtedly help - you can have the odd early night without losing your social life. :slight_smile: WebMD have quite a few articles on the subject

I really think it could be worth you seeing a doctor, just in case the panic attack and low appetite are a symptom of something else. There are remedies: Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Beta Blockers, homeopothy and herbal remedies such as Kava-Kava. I wouldn’t advocate relying on medication: I’m a big believer in tackling the root cause and living healthy :smiley:

yup i can say, that is bad… you should eat and take enough sleep…
dont abuse yourself or your body…
you should balance your rest and food intake to whatever you do…
if you dont give awareness to this you’re the one who will suffer to…!
for example you can have an ulcer for not eating, and not eating on time.
im advicing you to eat every meal and take a rest atleast 8 hrs. a day…!

Look every body is different and behave differently to food gaps and work pressure.It can also be that you are not too happy with the work and therefore fell the pains and restlessness.Whatever it is change the schedule and do something that suits the need of your body.

Only twenty minutes? Here in Canada we get an hour and almost all employers will give you paid fifteens (usually two). Wow…twenty minutes. I’d be killing someone if I only got a 20 minute…

That’s really bad… You might be committing suicide by what you are doing… I know it is not right to have a 20 minutes break but try to eat… You are an active person so your body need food to burn…