Cool Places to Go :)

I am fed up with work, and am applying for a new job :smiley: I can’t face another Friday night indoors! :cry: On the application form for one job, it asks where in the world I would be prepared to work. However, it will only let you pick a maximum of 20 locations.

So, where are the best places that you have visited / lived / worked? :slight_smile: And why?

(Well, I figured there are people from all over the world on this site :unamused: )

Most of the locations are countries, but for some bigger countries (Russia, China, Germany) you can pick a region or city.

My first thought was near the Redwood Forests in Northern California, USA. Or perhaps in the San Fransico area (Lots of Vegan Dining) to be close to them.

The Redwoods are my favorite place to go, I’m hoping I can take time off again this summer to visit.

I have heard that China is really cheap.
With 20 dollars in your pocket you can consider yourself rich.
So if your sallary will be the same in each region it makes sense to go to china.

Aww, my sister loves it over in California, but I’ve never been :wink: I didn’t know that was where the giant redwoods were - are they the ones that are 100s of years old and have names? :unamused: it’s actually really difficult to get a job in the US at the moment - all the job ads want you to have a US work permit already :frowning:

China sounds good - I’ve always fancied Hong Kong :slight_smile: I have been thinking about going to work in a country/area where wages are high for a few years, and live like a student and save as much money as possible. Then move somewhere where my money is worth more and live like a queen :queen: Well, buy my own house perhaps. A lot of the foreign guys who work with my Dad are doing this :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, the highly paid jobs, and the cheap places to live, both seem to be mainly war-zones… Or areas that don’t like you being female :confused: Or English :laughing: Yeah, Hong Kong’s looking good 8)

well if you want to have your mind free from stress at all…go to a place where you know you can relax and do what ever you wanted…my idea is a place like a beach or resort where you can truly feel enjoy, fun and totally cool…

Actually Hong Kong is not cheap. It’s a big city and is quite expensive imho.

You are probably right, Andy :frowning: And with the economic crisis, it is harder to just work abroad. Even in Dubai, I hear people are not being paid! :astonished:

I cannot beleive it is 2 years since I started this thread! :laughing: I did get a new job, but was too nervous to work abroad… And then everything went a bit wrong with my new job and the economy… :unamused: So now I’m back at college - I hope to get some placement opportunities, and the opportunity to find a more flexible career :wink: I will still make my millions and buy my vineyard! :cheers:

I know there are a lot of schemes for students to do summer work. I have heard of environmental organisations that enable you to work either farming or helping with scientific research/projects. Does anyone have experience of working with these?

Yeah Dubai is in big trouble. So many people lost jobs, it’s sad you did too.

How can you pay for your college without having a job?

:slight_smile: Well, it is university rather than college… you know how funny people get about university, so I tell people I’m at college :unamused: I got government/EU funding for postgraduates, and I got a company to sponsor me also (it is cheaper to sponsor research than to employ people, so many companies are doing this) :smiley: I am also teaching, and I am doing some optional courses (e.g. becoming self-employed, which I hope will pay! :slight_smile: ) So it is possible! 8)

Unfortunately, now I cannot travel the world (or do much else!) for another three years :unamused: But it will be worth it! There are lots of opportunities to teach English abroad, study wolves in Russia, that kind of thing - not just working in an office. My eyes have been opened :slight_smile:

I wish I can go to those places too. But for now I will just try exploring our country.

some cool places are : -

  1. Cape Town .

  2. Grand Canyon

  3. hong-kong

  4. Great Barrier Reef .

Etc .

hotels in tampa

I think Dubai is good to earn and live.

According to me Singapore is the best place

I myself been to Switzerland, paris, Amsterdam, London, Scotland, Italy, Hong Kong. It depends on the kind of experience you need to have for the travel.

If you are looking for greenery and nature, I would suggest Kerala and especially south India. There are many superb locations here which matches an international destination. Its low cost as well. If you need to read more I would suggest visiting . They have many articles on this part of the world