Consumer Power


I agree with some of your points HOWEVER i strongly feel “genetic engineered plants” can help bring veganism about in FULL FASHION… feeding the world’s hungry w/o exploiting animals.

There are safe ways to genetically select plant traits and create/establish a “seed/stock-plant” etc (or bring new plants here that maybe are not here now however are elsewhere around the universe)

As long as they are not exploiting animals in the process of genetically engineering crops, there is nothing non-vegan about it. I have heard some horror stories where they spliced fish genes into tomatoes or strawberries or something, and so that would be non vegan most likely…

On the topic of GM crops you are quite right to an extent signlink, they do have many benefits.
However genetically modified crops inevitably seed outside their specified areas and cause havok in the surrounding area.

When it comes down to it people will chose the convinience of larger food chains over other outlets simply because larger grocery chains are usually cheaper and have a wider variety.
People vote with their wallets and the big food chains won it would seem.