Conscience Set to 'Mute'

I LOVE the taste of meat and that’s reason enough to cause such pain,
I LIKE meat, I WANT to eat meat…I’m here if you want someone to blame.
I can’t feel the suffering or see the awful life or bloody demise
I can’t see the struggling beast or hear the terrified, pitiful cries
Why should I see? Why should I hear? Why should I even TRY to empathise?
If I want to carry on eating my meat, that really wouldn’t be very wise!
If I don’t see or hear the suffering, I can deny it and enjoy my meat!
Turn down the volume on the pig’s squeal, or dying lamb’s bleat.
I can['t personally feel the pain, I’m a human being, so why would I care?
Why would I want to imagine waiting to die, being scared?!
I know that I am human and possessing conscience could play a part
But I don’t ‘choose’ to listen, or open up my heart
For some, their conscience screams that there is something very wrong,
with eating creatures that suffer, ending their life’s song
But conscience comes with adjustable volume which I always set to “mute”
I don’t ‘want’ to live my life eating veg’tables, grains and fruit!
LALALALA I’M NOT LISTENING! I’ll close my eyes so I don’t see,
and close my ears, mute my conscience and have steak and
chips for tea!"