Condoms - vegan?

So how can we know if the condom we use is vegan or not?
Any brands of vegan condoms out there? :slight_smile:

I’ve heard of one vegan condoms brand, it was RFSU if I recall correctly. But now that you asked, I found another brand, Glyde (
I guess all the rest are non-vegan or unknown. It’s not only the rubber, but also the various substances added to condoms (such as sperminator) are often tested on animals.

in the USA there are animal based condoms, no latex. i think it’s like an animal natural feel marketing campaign over there. in any event, if it’s all latex, it’s rubber, maybe from a rubber tree == vegan? your comments are welcome.

Rubber tree seems vegan to me :wink:

Why? You are not eating it anyway :slight_smile:

How can we know if the aspirin has swine in it? I’ll get a bad trip in my head, and wonder what’s causing it…the leather belt? The canvass shoes I have, have what looks like leather strips, or synthetic. I get a stupid head as I wear them, so I think its leather, but then I’ll wear a bit of leather to offset the wolf sense to attack the vegan (?) or see if it works. It gives me a headache, though.
Its part of our diet if we use it.

I know the Vegan society website have information on this sort of thing

I bought the Animal Free Shopper off them a couple of years back: it’s written for the UK, so I don’t know if they have versions for other countries. They list vegan food, drink, toiletries, stationery… And they list some websites where you can shop online too. Off the top of my head Condomi are definitely vegan, though I gather they’re a bit on the… petite… side :laughing:

You live in Poland? That is so awesome! Sorry I just had to…it had nothing to do with the topic…but I’m a proud Pole :]

ChrisCrossCMP you are a proud Pole, but you still live in US? :slight_smile:

Are condoms made from rubber trees? That’s new… I will surely recommend this to my friends… lol