I’m sure you have all heard of extremists, and said, " those people are crazy." I will agree with you. People who eat only animal products are extremists on one side, while people who have nothing to do with eating animal products are extremists the other way. It is the same with people who want no governemt and people who are all government. I would like to propose a compromise. Eating animls and plants is a reasonable compromise I think. If you are a Christian and read the Bible, you will notice that God did not have any problem with them eating meat, and if He is okay with something, so am I. I will agree with you though, that raising animals in close confinement is cruel and not healthy, that is why we live on an organic farm, and feed our animals grass and give them plenty of room. I believe that there should be more of these kind of farms, and that we should all push for it, and come together under one flag. What do you think?