Complete Protein and Being a Vegan

Is there anyway to get “Complete Protein” being Vegan??

Yes.I think through vegetables, rice can give protein.

If you mean one food that contains all essential amino acids then no. But it’s still VERY easy to get all the protein your body needs. Nuts, beans, grains, and vegetables all contain various protein amino acids. By combining two or more you can create a complete protein. And actually it’s better for you to consume your proteins this way. In order for your body to use the protein it has to break it all down. It’s much harder for your body to digest protein that comes from meat and dairy anyway. :slight_smile:

I think it would be good for you to consult with good dietician, as they will help you to create your complete protein diet plan for everyday.

Every plant protein has ALL the essential amino acids in various proportions.
Some proportions are more bio-available some are less, but if you eat enough calories from whole plant foods you will usually get enough proteins and amino acids.

Yeah, it seems that any real protein deficiency would primarily be an aspect of starvation. Besides, no matter how complete you think your protein is, why can a horse or even a cow outrun you? Because people are pathetic for thinking up these things (and beating a dead horse or having a cow over them).