Coconut "TREE OF LIFE"

Coconut Palm (Cocos nucifera)
The coconut it not a nut but a fruit. The term coconut pertains to the fruit while the tree is called a coconut palm. It belongs to the Arecaceae palm family and can grow up to 6 meters tall. Called the “tree of life” in the Philippines, all parts of the palm has uses -nothing is wasted even at the end of its fruit bearing years. Listed below are the basic parts and its uses:

Coconut Husk & Shell

  • this part of the coconut is soaked in water for up to 10 months, pounded, dried and de-fibered (now by machine). The husk, called “coir” can be used to make ropes. The coconut husk is also used in making doormats, twines, padding material for furniture seats and as padding for ornamental plants like orchids. In manufacturing, the coconut husk is used in making wall boards, filtration pads, carpet underlay, insulation materials and other products. While the dried shell can be used to make handicrafts like: piggy banks, cups, decors and even musical instruments like the Vietnamese Dàn Gáo and the Chinese Banhu and Yehu.


  • the trunk of old coconut trees that not as productive as before are cut down. The trunk brought to the sawmill and made into coco lumber. This soft wood is much cheaper that the standard “Tangile” lumber that is available in most lumber stores and affords may poor people build their homes at a much lesser cost.

Coconut Fruit

  • the delicious meat of the coconut fruit has many uses, it can be eaten as-is, processed into snacks or sweets or used for cooking (grated & juiced for the coconut milk). While the coconut water is a health drink that not only quenches thirst but also cleanses the kidneys. The coconut water contains: anti-oxidants, sugars, proteins, fiber, vitamins and minerals. The meat is also converted into copra. Copra is either exported or processed domestically into cooking oil. Recent findings also show that coconut oil can be used as a substitute to diesel. Already, coconut oil blended with diesel is being used but new test reveals that coconut biodiesel can be used alone on diesel engines without any modification.

Coconut Leaves

  • even the leaves are not allowed to go to waste. The spine of the leaves are usually used as firewood for cooking while the leaves itself is stripped and turned into brooms or “walis ting-ting”.

Coconut Roots

  • are used as toothbrush during the olden times. When pressed the juice of the roots is used as medicine for dysentery. The root coloring can also be used as a dye.

I keep cans of coconut milk handy at all times. It’s the easiest thing to saute a huge pan of vegetables, then add the coconut milk for a quick simmer, then cool and eat with rice. It’s so delicious.

The best vegetables to include are broccoli, carrots, zucchini, and bell peppers. I don’t overcook them. Spices such as curry, garlic, onion work really well.

Awesome fruit, that coconut is.

Yes… here in our place… people love dishes with coconut milk… We use squash and string beans, raw jackfruit, banana blossom, taro leaves and lot more…

Wow… I’ve never had coconut! What is wrong with me! hah

I guess that’s the next thing I should try is some coconut milk. =)

Hi there Circularmotion… try coconut milk with you veggies is great… it is also good for cleansing diet :smiley:

I picked up some low-fat coconut milk today while at work [I work at a a grocery store, it’s very handy!] And I can’t wait to try it out!

That will be great… Squash and string beans with coconut milk is great… season with some salt… Yummy… What are you going to cook with your coconut milk?