Coconut Fruit Balls

3 oz (85g) dates
3 oz (85g) dried apricots
3 oz (85g) raisins
Approx. 3 tbsp tahini
2 oz (55g) desiccated coconut
Extra desiccated coconut to decorate

  1. Either chop or mince all the dried fruit, then stir them together. Use the tahini to bind the ingredients, stirring in some desiccated coconut to thicken the mixture.
  2. Roll small pieces of the mixture balls and coat them well with coconut. Keep in the cool until needed.
    By Janet Hunt

Hi Friend, Thank you for sharing that one recipe with us of the members of the forum, I like to have Fruit Balls recipe’s so much and wanna eat it regularly. :slight_smile: Thanks again for sharing. :cheers: Keep sharing more with us. :bounce: