Coconut (Cocos nucifera)

Large, round, hard shelled brown nut with a white pulp and hollow interior containing a milky juice.

Description: Medium sized to tall palm tree often to only 25-30ft, but sometimes much higher.

Hardiness: The coconut is tropical and can be killed by even brief temperature drops below freezing. Prolonged cool temperatures (below 50F) are also lethal, hence the inability to grow coconuts in California.

Growing Environment: The coconut is well adapted to salty and sandy conditions and is often found growing along seasides and beaches. Grow in full sun. Trees are resistant to high winds and often withstand hurricanes.

Propagation: By seed, which take 5-6 months to germinate. Seeds sometimes float across bodies of water and wash ashore on beaches to germinate.

Uses: Coconuts can be cracked open and eaten fresh for a refreshing snack. Coconuts are heavily used in desserts, beverages and all sorts of dishes. Oil is extracted from the nuts and has a wide range of uses.

Native Range: The exact origin is unknown, though likely Asia. The coconut is probably one of the most common palm trees on the planet, growing in almost every tropical zone.

they are natures best gift to mankind.