Cocoa & Respiratory... Oddness

Anyone had any problems with cocoa powder before?

Finally got around to dropping all artificial sweeteners from my diet, so started to use cocoa to flavour my morning shakes (10g added to a full shaker of liquid). A few days later I started getting strange breathing ‘quirks’. Not sure how to describe them, but felt like I’d skipped a breath. There was no breathlessness or elevated heart rate afterwards, just a little shock when they happened. These would always occur when I was resting, rather than being active. Could this be some kind of relaxant effect from the theobromine? Or maybe just digestive issues (although they seemed equally likely to happen any time of the day, not just after my shake?) Or just a simple allergy? Anyone have any ideas? Never had problems with chocolate before.

No go on the cocoa! I have been drinking 45-60 grams dissolved in coffee- the combo of coffee and the stimulants in cocoa made me feel anxious, jittery, and unable to breathe.