cheesy goodness?

One of my favorite dairy products is cheese. But now that I’ve basically been allowed to go vegan, I’m searching for a vegan alternative. Mom bought this soy cheddar cheese but…frankly its unbearable. Anyone know of any brands of vegan cheddar/parmesan/mozzarella cheese that doesn’t taste like feet?

Hehehe: I’m European, so Feet = Good :wink: I would love for someone to invent vegan camembert :unamused:

There’s a brand called “Life Free From” grated cheddar and parmesan. These are good for sprinkling on top of pasta, gratins and pizza. It’s like that powdered parmesan cheese stuff you get in Pizza Hut. I think you can get other brands making the same sort of thing.

The other brand I sometimes use is “Cheezely” who do a range of vegan hard cheeses (which melts!) I don’t like them on their own much, but they’re good for making cheese sauces (for lasagnes, cauliflower / macaroni cheese, etc). … index.html I think this does get sold in the US…

You can also use tofu, if you miss the texture rather than the flavour. I really miss cheese on toast, so I sometimes make scrambled tofu on toast (with vegan woucestershire sauce). Or sliced tofu in Reuben sandwiches… Or you can use silken tofu instead of mozzarella :slight_smile: Oh, I’m hungry again now :laughing:

And, of course, hummous is the vegan alternative to cream cheese dips :wink:

Thanks, BigBecka! I’ve been dying for some “cheese” on my vegan burger…
Did I mention I’ve been vegan for three weeks? I feel so healthy.
And my stomach pains have completely disappeared!

Awww, I really want a burger now! :laughing: They should do a vegan version of those slices of cheese especially for burgers?

I recently discovered a recipe for tofu reubens, and now I’m addicted to putting sauerkraut, slices of avocado, and vegan mayonnaise / thousand island dressing in burgers and sandiches :smiley:

Glad to hear you’re well :slight_smile: I always find it hard to stick to being vegan this time of year. A lot of people seem to want to eat out for Christmas parties, and I can’t always be bothered to cook healthy blanced meals… :unamused: But I’m trying to stay motivated this year! Well, I’ll probably get run-down if I don’t! I even spoke to the canteen at work about providing more vegan food - they’ve got some environmental initiative at the moment :stuck_out_tongue:

Thats a great idea! I’m pretty sure they have veggie-cheese-burgers in a package,
so they should make one with vegan cheese!

I’m starting to know how you feel, about this time of year. Everyone’s baking
egg & dairy-filled goods…and I was SO tempted to drink a new flavor of
Frappuccino from Starbucks, but I resisted. This year I’m going to bake tons
of vegan cookies and such for my friends and show them that being vegan
is much easier [[and delicious]] than they really think :smiley:

Tofu in sandwiches or even pizzas? That sounds nice… I will really try this… Thanks for the suggestion… I really love reading posts about food… :smiley: