Cheese & Milk Question

Is it really true all the stuff I’ve read about where milk comes from?

You know, vegans often say some pretty horrible things about how milk is made. I think it’s sad to think that cheese and milk is made using those practices…

But then, where the hell are all these dairy farms? With the amount of cheese and milk (which goes bad), how many “UNpregnated” cows would you have to have? Seems impossible to me.

You know, it’s like what they taught us kids about where oil comes from…dinosaur bones underground. Sure, like how many dinosaurs died in one location to make oil? What type of animal dies and doesn’t rot, but turns into a mystery substance that can be burned? Then I look all over the midwest and it’s covered in corn crops (like anyone eats THAT much corn a year). Then I spill some gas on the pavement and it evaporates like its alcohol. I wonder?

So, you can make milk from soy, oats, etc…but I’m to believe it’s made from hordes of mystery cows that I never see using practices so horrible that if someone was even lieing about it they would probably burst into flames? Or do they burst into flames so often that if I chose to see that, it would look like I was in hell or something?

Tell me one more time your story and how such an evil corrupt society let’s you tell me your story and that it’s the truth and I can just live with that as the truth…it’s pretty bad you know.