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The practice of mono-culture that is prevalent on American farms today is a very dangerous way of producing food. Diversity in plants and animals ensures that some species can adapt to whatever may come their way (i.e. – climate change). Here’s a very good website which explains why diversity is so crucial.

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On July 29th, 2016, President Obama signed the “Dark Act” into law. This will make it very hard for Americans who do not have access to a computer to check out what’s in a lot of the food products that they buy. It’ll be a hassle for everyone else too, I think. Anyway, check out: … al-organic

Today, many food products which are sold from the shelves of mainstream grocery stores contain high fructose corn syrup (HFCS). Ingredients such as glucose/fructose and dextrose usually consist of this. HFCS is processed from genetically modified (GM) corn, the same corn that is mostly used as feed to fatten up livestock. Yuck! GM corn has little, if any, nutrition in it and is inedible unless it has been processed.

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Dr. Vandana Shiva is an environmental activist. She does not approve of the way Big Ag enslaves livestock on today’s factory farms. She also believes in seed freedom.

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Here’s a story about a 96 year old woman who still likes to ride horses.

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Here’s a really good article about the plight of Indonesia’s wild orangutans.

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I find the practice of removing the fin off a shark just to provide texture for a type of soup that is popular with a few Asians disturbing. Also, sharks are an integral part of the ocean’s ecosystem, a healthy one anyway. What a waste!!!

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The US Department of Agriculture has decided not to follow thru on a promised study that was to be carried out to see if consumers would use electronic or digital codes on packaging to find out if food products contain GMOs.

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Here’s a video about a couple of Canadian scientists who got fired in the 1990s from Health Canada for whistle-blowing on the ill-effects of bovine growth hormone (a drug that some dairy farmers inject their cows with in order to get them to produce more milk). Check out:

The Wild Horses of Alberta Society (WHOAS) tries to manage wild horse populations in Alberta, Canada as humanely as possible.

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Stevia is a sweetener that is extracted from the leaves of a natural plant. It is safe to consume for people with type 1 and type 2 diabetes. Also, stevia contains 0 calories. I was able to lose 20 lbs in only three months time at the beginning of the year simply by replacing the sugar that I would have normally put in all the coffee and tea that I drank during that time with stevia. I didn’t change my diet in any other way. I’ve been able to keep the weight off since with little effort on my part.

The Guarani people of South America have been using stevia as a sweetener for over 1,500 yrs. In Japan, mainstream food & beverage products containing stevia have been sold in grocery stores since the early 1970s. It’s now available here in the US too. I, personally, prefer to use SweetLeaf’s all-natural stevia tabs to sweeten my hot beverages with. Check out: :coffee2:

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(‘Five-Alarm Threat to Our Food Supply’: Monsanto-Bayer Merger Advances)

Carrotmob tries to organize consumer spending so that it will influence businesses’ impacts on social and environmental issues. I don’t know much about this organization, but what they do does seem like a good idea. Check out:

Here’s a great website for those who fancy growing their own food, or even, just like dreaming about doing so.

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Many people do not realize that climate change can be managed just by the way we farm. You see, if the whole world switched to a system of regenerative organic agriculture, then that would sequester most, if not all, of our current, annual CO2 emissions. Anyway, this is well worth considering.

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This is a really good article about why regenerative organic farming is the way to go for feeding the world.

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I think the whole world should be extremely concerned about this!!!

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The 80, or so, orcas which live on B.C.'s south coast are in danger of becoming extinct. The traffic of more oil tankers in the area could make such a result inevitable. Please ask the Canadian prime minister to reconsider his approval of the Kinder Morgan pipeline expansion proposal.

Thomas Campbell, MD answers questions about vitamin B12 on this link. If you’re thinking of going vegan, then I strongly recommend that you check it out.

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