CEO of Facebook Eats Animals He Kills Himself

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Founder of Facebook only Kills Animals He Eats

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Founder of Facebook only Kills Animals He Eats

I was shocked to learn that Mark Zuckerberg who founded and is current CEO of Facebook now will only eat meat from animals he kills himself.

I have been urged to sign up with Facebook but never really wanted to and now I DEFINITELY DO NOT WANT TO. For those of us who love all animals for which many of us, including myself are vegetarians or vegans Mr. Zuckerberg shows the grossest and canabilistic of all human emotions and certainly does not serve Facebook or its many followers, many of which are probably vegetarians or vegans themselves more than likely would condemn Mr. Zuckerberg’s new practice in the strongest of terms. I hope many like minded animal loving Facebook members write letters of protest demanding Mr. Zuckerberg stop this practice immediately or resign to Facebook including if necessary the cancellation of their accounts.

Posted: Today, at 6:21 pm

If someone is going to eat meat, isn’t it better that they only eat meat they have hunted and killed themselves? At least if you kill an animal yourself you a.) have a greater appreciation of that animal’s life and b.) decrease (if only by 1 person) the demand for factory farm meat. For me, the biggest problem with eating meat is the way that animals are treated and slaughtered on factory farms. So while hunting and eating animals isn’t ideal I think it is preferable to the alternative source of getting meat.

I hope to god this is not ture

A bit serious to force someone to give up their business because they eat animals…

I love the vegan lifestyle, but you have to accept that not everyone is going to do what you do. You can’t demand that someone stop eating animals. You can only provide them with the information that may influence their decision. Militant veganism isn’t going to change people- it’s only going to make them kill more. All you can do is give them the right information and make them feel like it’s their choice and their idea to quit.

Maybe I am missing the point here but I dont see the big deal with him killing his meal and then eating it. There is no way to get a cleaner cut of meat. He isnt consuming all the antibiotics and steroids nor is he promoting the meat companies. If he hunts the right way the deer or whatever else he kills is not in any pain. It certainly does not make me have any negative feelings toward facebook. Really if you are going to eat meat that is the way to go. I love animals I have 4 cats of my own and all are rescues but I guess I am not really evver going to be cut out to be a full PETA member. See I am looking at this from both sides. Im not vegan but I wanna give it a try. Im not up for downing other peoples choices. The way I view it is if you dont force your lifestyle on me I dont care what you do. That may be the wrong way to look at it but I find that that attitude is serving me well in all aspects of my life. Again this is just the thoughts of a newbie. I certainly dont know vegan etticut (sp?) or if there is a specific way I should be looking at things when I step forward into my new lifestyle. Mainly I just try to treat everyone with thhe same respect and deceancy that I want to be treated with reguardless of what they do, eat, think, or believe.

Is there any vegan owned social network?