To have a body wihout any problem is the aim for every one but how can we have that if we have cellulite. I think it is a great problem that makes our body ugly. most of areas that are affected by cellulite can be found in thighs and sometimes in arms. If any one here had this problem and could overcome it successfully please tell us about her story with cellulite.

Hi MerryA :wave:

It is better to have ugly thighs than an ugly face… :laughing: or an ugly personality, of course. So I wouldn’t worry about cellulite too much! some sexy tight jeans should cover it up :smiley:

I remember seeing a report that the anti-oxidants in fruit and veg were thought to help with cellulite. So being vegan is probably a pretty good start? I’ve also read that exercise and drinking plenty of water are recommended.

There’s a programme for combatting cellulite here: I don’t know if it’s any good, but you might find it helpful :slight_smile:

well said big becka… lol

Protein enables skin to tone, in addition to repairing broken skin. Many those who have cellulite get it as their skin is simply too saggy round the affected region. This is often avoided eating meals that are full of protein, for example seafood, eggs, nuts and beans.