Caring for Your Dentures

Dentures should be taken care off on a daily basis. You should brush your dentures daily because dentures must be taken care of like real teeth. That is why after a meal, always make it a point to clean your dentures. There are toothbrushes specially designed for cleaning dentures. A soft bristled toothbrush can easily remove food in between your teeth. Removing lodged particles of food in between your teeth can further help prevent the formation of plaque. Choose a soft toothbrush with soft bristles in cleaning your dentures to avoid damaging them. Brush the dentures carefully, making sure to avoid neither damaging the surface nor bending the attachments.
You can also use denture cleansers available in the market. Don’t ever use household cleansers such as bleach if you ever wondered it will help you to whiten your dentures. Some regular toothpastes may also be too strong for the dentures, avoid using these kinds of toothpastes since the surface of dentures are very sensitive and easy to damage. Mild hand soap or mild dishwashing liquid may be used for cleansing the dentures, but remember to rinse it thoroughly after. Rinse it under the faucet, with warm or cold water. Don’t use vinegar also because this will only cause your dentures to dry out.However, you also have the option to buy ultrasonic denture cleansers that are little tub-like devices that include cleaning solutionsHowever, these still do not compare to regular brushing.
Handle you dentures with utmost care since there is a high possibility of it breaking when dropped. When cleaning your dentures, have a soft towel underneath the denture or spread out on the floor so even if you accidentally drop it, the denture will not break. You can also wrap your dentures in a soft hand towel when you have to move around your house with your dentures in your hand. However, dentures shouldn’t be kept wrapped in a towel for too long.
When not in use, or at night before going to bed, keep your dentures submersed in waterto cold water, or in a solution advised by your dentist (if your dentures have metal attachments). If dentures have metal attachments, don’t use hot water or put them in a dry place because your dentures will dry out, warp, and might lose their good shape.
Also, don’t keep your dentures wrapped in a paper towel because you or some other people might mistake it as garbage. Besides, paper towels absorb moisture and you wouldn’t want to injure your mouth with dry and rough dentures.
Finally, keep your dentures out of young children’s reach. Kids love to play with almost everything, and some kids don’t care or are not aware if it’s a denture they are playing with. Try to keep your dentures in a place where your petscan’t also go and reach. Pet animals will surely chew your dentures up and all that money will go to waste and you will have to have another denture fitted.

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