Carbophobia: Dr. Greger's ( ) latest book

Carbophobia: The Scary Truth about America’s Low-Carb Craze
by Dr. Michael Greger MD

ISBN: 1590560868 0040056/sr=2-1/ref=pd_bbs_b_2_1/104-5870431-8020705

Beforewisdom, did you read this book?


I just found out about it yesterday ( and ordered my copy ).

I met Dr. Greger last summer. The best way to think of him is as a vegan patch Adams. He has impeccable credentials, is incredibly intelligent, but he also has a sense of humor and a heart.

This book grew out of a medically rigourous site he has debunking low carb diets ( Atkins threatened to sue him over it ):

I read the link above! Very interesting information.

I got my copy of Dr. Greger’s book CARBOPHOBIA
( isbn 1-59056-086-8 )

It is printed on 100% post consumer paper.

He is donating all of the profits to charity

The language in this book is very clear.

This book has 57 pages of references and citations.

This book also has a 39 page section with the Atkins Corporation’s side of the story and Dr. Greger’s rebuttal to their counter arguments.

This is an easy to read well documented book.

The author also has much of his research about low carb diets available for free on his web site at: