Canola Oil

Almost all of the canola grown in Canada is genetically engineered. I imagine that’s generally the case elsewhere in the world these days too. Canola oil is a common ingredient in processed foods. Learn more about canola by logging in @

For once and for all let’s get the facts on Canola oil and uncover the myths. The number of half-truths and nonsense floating around the internet about this oil are outrageous.

Myth number one: All Canola oil is genetically modified. Not a fact.

Myth number two: Rape seed is related to mustard gas. Not a fact.

Myth number three: Erucic acid is toxic. Not a fact.

Myth number four: The European Union has banned canola oil. Not a fact.

Myth number five: It is better to use other vegetable oils than canola oil for cooking. Not a fact.