Canned Vegetarian/ Vegan Tuna??!!?

Hello, I am a Food Science and Technology student and our team is developing a canned Vegetarian tuna that meets the texture, taste, color, and nutritional facts of the real tuna.

This product may be launched so it would be great if I can get any questions, comments, opinions, advices, requests, or anything on this product.

I know that Kellog’s had TUNO in the past which is discontinued so it would be great if anyone can tell the experience of it in the past.

Thank you so much for your help!!!

Tuno was amazing. I haven’t had it in a while and was searching for it online when I found this.

I loved tuna so much that it’s all I miss form my old non-vegan diet.

How can I help create a new non tuna tuna?

I, too, would like to know how to make, or, find fish analogues. I adore the taste of seafood and fish, but, of course, haven’t eaten any in decades. I didn’t know that kellogs had made such an item, btw.

I wonder if trader joes has anything like this.

Tuno was amazing! It was not origanally Kellogg’s. In fact they bought out the company who made it and eventually discontinued it as well as many other products that were amazing! Frankly, their best ones. What can you expect from a company who is more concerned about the bottom line than their consumers. There is no way they were losing money on it as they claim, they simply weren’t making as much as they would have liked. Instead they have shifted their focus to mass producing multiple flavors in veggie burgers to cut costs and raise sells. It’s a shameful practice and it’s the consumer that suffers. Hopefully another company will step up and start producing what the vegan public is demanding and put these other shameful companies out. To answer your question, if you can reproduce the taste, texture, and smell of the old canned tuno you would have some happy vegetarians and vegans! Good luck!

I loved the frozen vegan Tuno so much that I contacted Kellogg’s when I heard it was discontinued. They responded with a typical thanks for your input but we don’t care letter and some coupons for their other products. I had also tried the canned vegan Tuno, but it was absolutely inferior to the frozen. There is a product available called Vegan Tuna Rolls that I get from VegeUSA. It’s not nearly as good as the frozen Tuno was, but it’s the only substitute I have found that comes close. I have to order online because it’s not available in stores where I live and the retailers tell me their distributors don’t offer it in my area of the country. My criticism of this product isthat it is too bland and too mushy. I use a lot of soy mayo and lemon juice to enhance the flavor. I can’t believe with all vegan burgers and lunch meats that no company is trying to produce vegan tuna. I would buy that regularly.

Is that affordable? and what was the nutrition can we get? is that satisfying to buy? Im excited to buy that tuna… i cant wait but still I have too.