Can anyone please help me to decide a good diet schedule?

There is lot of confusion for me. I tried many diet plans but am very much perplexed about what should be my intake or what not! I am very much scared of Do’s and Don’ts. Please, please please suggest me the best weight loss and dietary supplements.

To lead a healthy lifestyle, follow this diet plan - Eat fresh fruits and vegetables regularly. Do some exercises and get sound sleep. It would be advisable to reach for some healthy snack bars like RiteBite Nutrition bars packed with sufficient nutrition amount and no-side effects. They meet your nutrient demand in the most healthy-way. Try it out & experience it yourself!

Healthy diet starts with healthy breakfast. Your morning breakfast should contains high level of proteins, vitamins and iron. Fruits, Nuts and Milk contains large amount of proteins. Along with that boiled egg, yogurt and cheese also having good amount of proteins. For vitamins, you can have Kellogg’s or vitamin contained veg sandwich with brown bread specially and for the iron you can have cereals or oatmeal. Just keep in mind that your breakfast should be stronger and healthy as compare to lunch and dinner. Lunch should be good but dinner always be lighter, not heavy.

Good diet plan,its my point of view is that to use fresh fruits and vegetables in their diet and also dairy product in the balanced way.