Can all dentists use sedation techniques?

Can all dentists use sedation techniques?

No, sedation techniques cannot be employed by all dentists. Sedation dentistry can be quite complex, and most dentists who are interested in using these drugs must be licensed to do so. Most dentists will mention on their websites if they have the appropriate licenses. If they do not, it may be a good idea to contact their offices to ask. It is important to remember that dentists’ sedation drugs require special training. lakeaustinfamilydental. com

I think that many of other dentists argue that relying on sedation does not allow you to overcome your fears, for a number of reasons. In the case of IV sedation, because you will not remember the treatment, you cannot learn that dental treatment is nothing to fear. Oral sedation can have the same effect because benzodiazepines can impair memory and interfere with the acquisition of new information and laying down new memories. Sedation may also make you believe that the only reason why you’re able to cope with treatment is the sedation, and you may not attribute your success to yourself, but to the drugs used.

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Dentist may or may not employ sedation technique. if a simple filling or scaling is to be done, then sedation is not required to be given to the patient.

I do not think any dentist can also use measures of pain relief.

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