Call to ban McDonald's!

very interesting…
I think it must be easier for Macdonald’s to provide a selection of healthy foods than put the warning :slight_smile:

And what would be this selection of healthy food by macdonald? :laughing:
burgers with lots of vegetables and beans, made from whole wheat?

A while back macdonald’s tried to stock some healthy food - chicken ceasar salad, which had so much fatty chicken, creamy sauce and cheese, that it was as high calorie and fatty as any of the burgers :laughing:

Are there any vegan meals by MacDonald’s in UK?

Well, I haven’t been in a MacDonald’s for a while… Even my omni friends prefer Burger King and Subway :smiley: I last went to a MacDonalds about 3 years ago, and they had just set up a healthy eating initiative: they had replaced their old veggie-burger with a quorn burger, and they also sold a mock chicken ceasar slad with quorn pieces in it. Unfortunately, quorn contains egg albumen, and is not vegan. There was a green salad for sale as a side dish. I’m not sure if they still sell this range though…

I’ve just looked on the McDonald’s website, which took me to a very informative website which is run by mcdonald’s, to answer some nutritional questions.
The Grilled Vegi Melt Toasted Deli Sandwich is approved by the Vegetarian Society. However, they state explicitly that there is NO VEGAN FOOD on the menu. :confused: Interestingly, they claim that the fries are now cooked in vegetable oil and are vegetarian after all :confused1:

How about where you are? I think it’s odd that McDonald’s have a different menu for every country :slight_smile: I have a friend who ordered a veggie-burger from a McDonald’s in New York: they looked at her oddly, and then gave her a burger bun with just salad in it! On the other hand, I went to a McDonald’s in Rome that had beautiful marble tables and romantic lighting, was immaculately clean, and all the food was cooked fresh :smiley:

Over here the macDonald’s menu is quite scarce… and I visit it only when I’m passing by and I heavily need to pee :slight_smile: they usually have nice and clean toilets :smiley:

I don’t understand how can it be that the fries are made with vegetable oil and at the same time they are not vegan?

Yes, the mind boggles! :laughing: I know that some frozen oven chips contain milk: they are essentially reformed mashed potato. But I don’t know if that’s true for MacDonald’s fries.

I dont know why is banning on McDonald. In my country All the franchise of McDonalds are closed. And now I tink it will not be open again. I like McDonald but not like more. :stuck_out_tongue:

McDonalds will be replaced. As long as people want cheap food that tastes fatty and salty, someone will make it. The key is to educate the public about proper health and nutrition. Once your eyes are open you will not be able to eat at places like that.

Government bans don’t tend to work and especially when you’re in a democracy where the majority of people disagree. One by one. That is how to build an empire. (or convert a country to healthy eaters)

In my opinion, there is no need to ban Mcdonald’s. First, we should only educate people about the food they are taking in and what are the effects these food might give their health. We just have to remind them every now and then. When time comes that they are already educated and they have known what is and what is not good to eat, they might have the voluntary act to avoid eating fast food. And when people avoid fast food, fast food might have less income eventually these fastfoods will soon close their establishments, so no need to ban them :smiley: just an idea guys

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Why would a health-conscientious vegetarian go to a McDonald’s in the first place?

I dont know why is banning on McDonald. In my country All the franchise of McDonalds are closed. And now I tink it will not be open again. I like McDonald but not like more.

Why ban McDonald’s? Just don’t go there. Everyone assumes that they are responsible for everyone else. Like they know what’s best for them. Leave them alone to make their choices, and you make yours. If people want to patronize McDonald’s and give them their money isn’t that their business? Pretty presumptuous and more than a little arrogant I think. :faroah: