A friend told me that her doctor is insisting that she start drinking milk because of the calcium.

Someone else recommended that she could get that calcium from Tums. Someone else said that Tums’ calcium (Calcium carbonate) is the wrong kind of calcium

Any suggestions?


Hmm, I’ve never heard of taking Tums: you mean the heartburn / indigestion tablets, right? :unamused:

I got (mild) calcium deficiency at one point, and I took Bone Formula supplements. You can get them from health food stores. They contain calcium, magnesium (which you need to absorb the calcium), and a few other minerals.

I have also heard that you need Vitamin D to absorb calcium (Hey - can Nutrients confirm? :stuck_out_tongue:)

However, I am not a Doctor! So it might be worth your friend talking about the options with a (sympathetic) doctor or other health professional… :slight_smile: I gather calcium deficiency can be pretty nasty if you leave it…

The Tums advice come from a Doctor!

Milk is not a good source of calcium because of the amount of protein in it.

People who eat a high protein diet usually develope calcium deficiencies because the excess protein pushes the calcium through their system to fast to be properly absorbed.

Since milk has a high protein content, it’s ability to deliver calcium to the bones is (time average) insignificant.

Hey Red Jester, :slight_smile:

Does this mean my scrambled tofu is a bad idea? :astonished: How much protein causes this effect?

This sort of thing worries me! :stuck_out_tongue: Thnx

Here is a good info on calcium for vegans:

Wow, this is great… I was thinking all this time that milk is a good source of calcium but i think i was wrong…