British Airways doesn't like vegetarians

Just thought I should bring this to some attention as British Airways has taken over a month without bothering to even reply to my complaint. The trouble is that BA no longer offers special meals on their European flights, and yet they do serve meals. Therefore in about a week they’ll probably be pushing some disgusting animal products in front of two vegans who have in many ways tried to tell them not to. They refused over the phone also the simple option of not bringing us anything.

For me it is a huge ethical problem if I buy a product and part of the deal is used for animal products, such as with these flight tickets. Not offering any food in the style of RyanAir would be fine, if they cannot for whatever reason get special meals for those who ask for them. I for one will never set fly British Airways again, and have sent a complaint to the national consumer authority, beside BA of course.

Such a useless airline. Rant done. :slight_smile: