Bread, Sugar, Cereals?

Some bakers grease the tins with animal fat. If you’re using a local bakery ask them what they grease their tins with. In the UK Allied bakeries (makers of Allinson wholemeal) have stated they only use vegetable oils.

SUGAR?A lot of people are claiming that sugar is refined using bone charcol. This is not true I have not found one manufacturer who still uses bone charcol, they stopped in the late 1950’s. If sugar still had animal products in it so would most other products on the shelf - cola, most sauces, in fact almost all products have some sugar in them, how come almost all can be kosher and also vegetarian if they contain sugar that is not?

In the UK all Kellogs products are unsuitable for vegans as Vitamin D3 (of animal origin) is added. In the US some of Kellogg’s cereals are apparently vegan, Kellogg’s Nutri-Grain cereal (plain “Wheat” variety only) is a good vegan source of B12. Be careful though, the almond-raisin variety contains animal based glycerin.

Oh no, I thought Kellogs’ was vegan. :frowning:

Where do they extract animal D3 from exactly? What about D1, does it exist?

I get tired of this fight of checking ingredients all the time, makes eating totally a torture. :frowning:

Feeling very discouraged lately.

Leonor, don’t worry.
What you are doing is right, even if you ate some Kellogs that have vitamins from animal sources. I’m sure it’s from dairy so you didn’t sponsor any killing at least. In the end it’s not about beeing perfectly vegan it’s about compassion and openmindness.
It’s not necessary to fight all the time - sometime it’s useful to relax and view everything from another perspective.

I’ve kinda boycotted any General Mills, Post, or Kelloggs’ products and any other name brand food that I grew up with.

Ingredients lists have got to be a hassle to read unless you have a PhD in nutrition. I like my more natural cereals now. The ones that I can recognize the ingredients on the label.

i thought kellogs are purely wheat… i never thought this contains animal product… Thanks for the info…