Boycott PETA

Look at these figures:

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How is that acceptable? It’s not! There is no way on Earth that is okay. Granted, some of those pets might have had Feline/Canine AIDS or Leukemia or some other horrible disease and were better off euthanized; however, surely not 79% of them. That would be insane. I am firmly of the belief that PETA is essentially running a propaganda campaign to get donations, or at least I am now after doing an hour or so of research.

I am going to start encouraging all of my vegan friends to boycott PETA and all PETA products, rallies, and demonstrations. I don’t know how any animal lover could support them.

A real problem is the absolutely enormous number of pets amongst the human population in many cities.
Try and guess how much seafood is provided to the domstic cats of the world - that alone is depleting our oceans.
I for one have had a number of pets over the years … but never again.

Not sure why anybody would give any credibility to the site: petakill­­m/downlo­ads/PetaKill­sAnimals.pdf It’s maintained by the Center for Consumer Freedome which, as all informed people know, is a front group for the meat industry.

PETA’s side of the story is that they kill animals who cannot be put into a home. They say adoptable animals go to animal shelters but they deal with those that cannot be saved or homed. And if you’ ve ever worked or volunteered with animal rescue you’ll know what that means - some animals are just too brutalized or badly injured to recover.

I don’t know the truth of this situation and I’m fairly sure most people don’t know either. But please at least try and get both sides of a story before passing on damaging gossip. Don’t just swallow meat industry propaganda.

you got my vote. the truth behind that is insane, millions upon millions of dogs and cats end up at shelters every year, through no fault of their own.

as per yer other: it would appear that some people are completely incapable of lucid thinking and independent thought, and therefore must live in a “no deposit no return” world of fantasy and delusion, give and take, winners and losers. quite silly if you ask me. after all it’s the animals that suffer.

I don’t like such foolish talk. Why should we boycott PETA?
PETA is one of the few organizations, that is working sincerely for global vegetarianism.
If they are killing an animal, it is obviously because there was no other way to save it.
Why will they kill one for fun? You should use your brain before jumping to conclusions.

I believe PETA does excellent work in calling attention to the cruelties inflicted on animals. However, if you research the statistics on the number of companion animals killed by the organisation, you would be astounded, and those figures do not come from only one source. As an organisation that takes such a strong stance against animal abuse, I was shocked to learn this fact about them. Do not buy into the common belief that shelters have to kill animals, because they have no choice. Look into Nathan Winograd and the No Kill Advocacy Center. Read about the amazing work he has done, in helping shelters go no kill. There’s no excuse for PETA to be recklessly killing animals.