bowel movements problem

I have a problem. I went vegan about 8-9 months ago, and I’ve had a couple of diarrhea episodes in the last 4-5 months, and lately I have more frequent bowel movements (twice or three times a day). Also, the stools are softer, kinda like diarrhea but not so bad. I know it’s gross to talk about this, but I’m worried because I used to have constipation problems. Should I be worried or is this normal?


Can you describe your diet please?
What are you eating mainly?

vegetables, like potatoes, carrots, etc. fruit smoothies in the mornings, corn flakes, soy milk, beans, soy burgers, rice, pasta, etc.

Hey Vikki,
what vegetables and fruits exactly?
Cause different fruits and vegetables may have different effect on your bowl movement.

What else, constipation isn’t good at all.
So if you got rid of it it’s a great thing.

Also vegans have a faster metabolism that’s why you can visit toilet more often and as a result eat more often. :slight_smile:
Which is also good.

Also try eating more rice and black-currant, it should regulate your problem.
Dried Hip tea can also help.

i am eating a lot more fruit than i used too because i am drinking fruit smoothies and fruit salads for breakfast. before i went vegan i didn’t eat any fruit at all. also i started eating vegetables i didn’t use too when i ate meat, like eggplant, cucumber, pumpkin, etc. i eat a lot of potato, carrot, and sweet-potato. i drink a lot of soy milk and juice, and cereal, and oatmeals, also i am taking nutritional yeast. before i went vegan i had a cup of tea for breakfast i went to work, now i really focus on breakfast.
thanks for the reply!!! i feel a lot better now, i though i was sick or something. i really worry when i notice changes in my body, i’m a bit of a hypocondriac.

fruits and veggies even rice like red rice brown rice are effective to help your bowel movement because as you know these are all high in fiber.

eat loads of vegetables and drink lots of water.Carrots and Figs are very good to treat constipation.

If you were reading the topic carefully instead of just thinking how to promote you site, you would notice that vikkibalseiro does not have a problem with constipation. You are banned btw. 8)

have some bananas and apples… This might help your health problems… :smiley: