body detox?

Hi, I am 5 or 6 weeks into my vegan diet and have been eating really clean. I have been eating a lot of great food and a lot more variety than I used to and taking iron and b12 supplements. For the most part I feel great. My hair is growing like crazy. I have some questions about the “detox” one goes through when changing diet.

1-For the last 2 weeks I have had very bad joint pain in my legs, like arthritis and also sometimes in my wrists, however it is finally subsiding, but it was so strange because I have never had that before.

2-I have some very small skin tags (I’m fair), however the one on my neck seems to be growing a tiny bit. My dermatologist says it’s up to me if I want it removed. I also have 4 tiny little moles growing on my right arm and they are a bit itchy and they seem to be in a circular pattern.

Is this all part of the body getting healthier? It is really fascinating to me if this is the case. I would think the skin tags would be getting smaller, now growing. Anyone have experience with this?

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